I can't search my yahoo mail
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Searching my yahoo mail usually fails. I enter the word/phrase I'm looking for then hit the Search button, and all I get is a blank page that seems to be loading. That's it! It gets stuck there. Sometimes the search is successful, but recently, more often than not, it doesn't work. Does anyone have a solution? I use Firefox 4.0.1 and Yahoo Mail Classic. I can't remember when this problem started, perhaps a few weeks/months ago.
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I know it sucks, but upgrading to the new Yahoo Mail was the only way I could solve this problem. There are many other things I hate about their new version, but at least search works now.
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Yep, you have to switch to the new one. I actually switched back and forth only to search a few times before I said forget it and just made the change permanent. My theory is that they just made it so you can't search anymore so you'll be forced to change.
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Response by poster: I was hoping to fix the problem without having to upgrade to the new yahoo mail (because I like to open new messages in new tabs and leave them open until I have attended to them, something the new yahoo mail doesn't seem to allow).

I tried the search using Chrome just now and it seems to be working. What browser and version are you using, guys? Could the problem be caused by Firefox? I can't recall if I started having this problem before or after I've upgraded Firefox.
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I think the problem is with Firefox. I was having the same problem just loading certain sites until I downloaded Firefox 5.0. It is faster and seems to have fixed the problem for me.
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Agreeing about the upgrade. I've found the last two versions of Yahoo Mail's search function to be completely useless.
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