Looking for a certain french bar soap...
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My wife and I really really love this soap. (sorry, crappy photo) It's 'Atlantis' made by L'Aromarine of France. Please help me find a place to buy it online! We have one bar left, and we can't bear to use it up...

I used to buy it at ABC in Manhattan, and then in Thorne's Marketplace in Northampton, MA. Both stopped carrying it by about 2000. I have searched the web, and have found lots of places that sell L'Aromarine perfumes and body wash, etc., but that's no good. (The Atlantis perfume and cologne actually smell quite different from the soap.)
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I found body lotion and shower gel here. Maybe you could email them and ask if they carry the bar soap as well?
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It must really be good....what's it smell like?

Maybe you could contact them directly and ask.

Paris 75009 France
Tel: +33 145261861
Fax: +33 142811856
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Doesn't Parkleigh have it? If not, they're pretty good at ordering stuff.
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OH GOD PARKLEIGH! One of the few things I miss from living on Monroe in Rochester.
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My wife said that the 11th Hour on Park Ave. might have it too.
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Response by poster: well, i've just gotten emails from 2 bath/beauty shops online that carry the company's other products, and apparently they no longer make the soap. ah well. thanks for the suggestions, folks. we'll just have to ration our last bar.
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Thanks for the followup chr1sb0y.. I'm always curious how things turn out.
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