Help finding living room sconces with integral switches.
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DIY-ers: Please help me find wall sconces with a built in switch. Special snowflake details inside:

We own a Cape Cod style home built in 1952 that is in wonderful condition, despite the less than stellar DIY skills of the previous owner. Our long rectangular living room does not have ceiling lighting, the only built in light sources come from four, we believe original to the house, sconces two on opposite walls. (Photos from a few years ago: Wall 1; Wall 2)

These sconces are each operated independently with a built in switch, there is no wall outlet tied to them. Over our time in the house, the switches of three of the four have started to be "tempermental". There are two ceiling fans that do not have lights, but we plan on replacing them this year with ones that do (and that are more in our style). I'm getting tired of sitting in the dark.

As much as I would love to keep the original sconces, this falls beyond our in-house DIY skills. I've spoken to lighting folks at the big box stores in our area, and it appears that all available wall sconces with BUILT IN SWITCHES are for basements, kitchens or bathrooms. We'd like something with a little more style, geared for a living room, ideally with a Mission-ish feel.

tl;dr - I'd like to find wall sconces with built in/integrated switches for a living room. I'm willing to go to a specialty vendor, but all of my Googling has brought back kitchen/bathroom lighting. Please help.
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You're looking for a specialty lighting store. For example, in the north Chicago suburbs there's one called Idlewood that caters to the rich folks with big, stylish houses. Here is their list of decorative fixture manufacturers. If you find something you like, the manufacturer can point you to a local store that will carry it for you.
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Best answer: Rejuvenation has period-appropriate lighting, including some lights with built-in switches.

Their Bedroom section might have what you're looking for. I see at least two fixtures that are wall-mounted with a built-in switch.

I've bought their stuff for my house, a 1909 foursquare-type-thing. Their quality seems to be very good, if a bit pricey at times.
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New switches would probably run a dollar or two each. If you like the sconces but don't feel confortable changing the switches yourself, call a couple electricians and see what they'd charge to replace them for you while they do your ceiling fans.
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Best answer: If you want to keep the original fixtures, you could have them rewired. We had a ceiling fixture, two sconces and two desk lamps rewired by a place in Regent Square called Typhoon. They're very nice and will give you an estimate before they do the work. They're not that cheap but much cheaper than buying new from Rejuvenation and they do nice work.
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