Cheap sata cable in manhattan?
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Where can I find a sata cable in manhattan at a reasonable price?

It's $3.50 at monoprice and that includes $1.70 shipping. I refuse to pay $20 for a sata cable at Best Buy. I'd prefer near the village/soho but I'll make the trek up to midtown if I have to.

For that matter is there anything like a Fry's electronics here? Where would I go if I wanted to by a motherboard? (besides newegg which is where I always buy my motherboards)
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Try Tekserve, there's one on 23rd st and 6th ave.
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Best answer: Madison has 'em.
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They sometimes come free with DVD drives. Maybe an upgrade would solve both problems?
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Best answer: J & R, down around City Hall, has a 12" one for $3.
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Try J&R. Here's a <a href=""$4 SATA cable in stock. They are on Park Row. Enter in the southernmost building on the block for the computer section.
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Scooped by suedehead and I messed up the link.
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Response by poster: Picked it up at J&R last night.

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