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Ways to dispose of 10kg of maltodextrin powder - not via my digestive system or the bin.

After several years harbouring some misguided notions about post-workout nutrition, I've decided to clear out the loft of some old supplement supplies. I have this huge bag of maltodextrin carb powder that neither I nor anyone else in the house will ever use, yet it would be a shame to just chuck it out without researching any possible alternative uses.

So, 40,000 calories of pure sugary energy, going spare. Surely there's some type of green engine that runs on this stuff? Can I find a use for it in the garden - perhaps in my worm bin or compost tea brewer?
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Do you know any home brewers? Malto-dextrin is used to give a beer more body, since it's not fermentable.
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You can compost it, but it's going to degrade really fast(pure glucose). It should be mixed in with a lot of other materials. If you are composting it mix it with a lot of materials that decompose slowly like dry grass and leaves. For compost tea, putting too much will cause a bacterial population explosion that can suck out all the oxygen. Figuring out how much to put depends on how you are making your tea. For worms you can put a little bit at time. It fatten them up and possibly cause overpopulation.
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Burn it? Give it to a 3D printer experimenter?
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Seconding mkb. Anyone who homebrews beer would take a sack of maltodextrin off your hands for cheap.
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Do you have freecycle in your area? People will take anything if it's free.
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Know any farmers that have livestock?
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