Retro travel desk?
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I need to buy a desk. The room it will go in has a retro travel vibe.

I recently came across an almost-perfect specimen, a vintage rattan desk from Laos, but the legs had been cut down to accommodate a much shorter user so that didn't work out. I am resigned to buying new, but from where? (I'm in the US.)
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Best answer: Whatever desk you pick, get a rectangle of glass cut for the top. Sandwich in the middle a map and/or travel clippings, etc.
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I don't know anything about this site/company, but what about this desk?
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American Rattan has quite a few desks. For some of these you have to scroll down the page:

Oyster Bay Desk; Barbary Coast desk; Thomas Town desk; Polynesian Desk; Valencia Office Suite
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A couple more: Catalina Office Suite; Antigua Desk
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What's your budget?
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Surplus military field desk?
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Whatever desk you pick, get a rectangle of glass cut for the top. Sandwich in the middle a map and/or travel clippings, etc.

Glass does not belong on nice furniture, though I have to say this suggestion appeals to me.
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Best answer: I recently found myself in a similar situation. I was after a non standard sized desk and wanted something with a little character. What I did was buy an old school tabletop (laboratory tops work just as well) from a local reclamation yard. It's made of solid iroko or teak, is about 40 years old and has a bit of amusing "I heart Emily" type graffiti on it. Then I bought four vintage (50s or 60s, Danish, perhaps) chromed steel legs on eBay and screwed the whole thing together.

It looks vintage and unique because it is and the whole lot cost me about £120; I am well pleased with the look of my desk which has received admiring comments from those with lesser desks. The quality of the materials is great and the only downside I can think of is that putting 12 screws into hardwood takes about four hours and is not for the faint of wrist. BTW, mine has no storage. But had I wanted it, I'd have used an old filing cabinet in place of two of the legs.
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Response by poster: Hmmm. My budget for this might be high for something really perfect but now I'm thinking a door from an archtitectural salvage shop with a glass overlay and vintage filing cabinets at each end might do nicely and give me something to do with accumulated ephemera.
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Check out Restoration Hardware! I don't have the link handy but they have some perfect travel themed desks at the moment.
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