Where can I find a Moleskine, or Moleskine equivalent with black paper?
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It's pretty simple, I'm looking to get a Moleskin with jet black paper. I'm not really looking for something spiral bound, but an actual quality notebook. Does anyone know where I might find something like that?
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Any half decent art store will have pads and notebooks with black paper in them.
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Klutz makes a jet black paper notebook, but it's spiral-bound:

Here's a ask metafilter thread from a couple years ago, about this topic:
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Etsy alchemy. Any bookbinder can make one for you surprisingly cheap.
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speaking as someone who does the buying for an art supply store that i consider at least half-decent, i'm not aware of any moleskine-style notebooks with black paper. the closest things we have ever stocked are pads of black pastel and charcoal paper and a spiral-bound sketch book with black paper from montana cans, which was discontinued.

but, derwent just recently introduced their black books which are spiral-bound sketch books with black paper. they should be showing up in stores soon if they haven't already. (actually, derwent has already announced they will be making a pad version of their black books.)

black art surfaces are becoming trendy right now — expect to see lots of black-primed canvases in stores this fall — so i would guess that more black-paper sketch books and notebooks won't be far behind. (and they'll have QR codes on them.)
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