Hub generator light recommendations
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I need recommendations on a retro-style light set for my bike . . . details inside.

I have a bike with a Sturmey-Archer dynamo hub, and the cheap plastic light set it came with is kaput. I want to find a retro-style front (chrome would be nice . . .) and rear LED light that can be used with a hub generator (must have an on-off switch). For the life of me, I'm having a hard time finding something that fits the bill. As I'm from Canada, if it is available in the Great White North that would be a plus, as would a price under $75.
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Peter White Cycles has the best assortment of dyno headlights that I know of this side of the pond (most come from Germany, it seems). There's a "retro" one on the linked page (scroll down a ways).

He also has dyno taillights, although nothing that looks very retro.
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Best answer: The Busch & Muller retro light works with a dynohub.
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Response by poster: That Busch and Muller looks perfect!
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Lumotec has a line of Retro lights, which are their halogen hub-generator-powered lights in a chromed "bullet" housing - not as nice as the new LED models, but they'll look pretty keen.

Peter White Cycles (linked above) and Amazon have them.
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Maybe you could email Bruce about the taillight here, to see if you can hook it up to a generator.
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