Creating a space for meditation.
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Yoga and therapy combined with the mindfulness meditation my therapist has been teaching me are already doing wonders for my mental health. Now I'd like to create a neat little space in my home that's dedicated to daily meditation. Do you have a space like this? What works for you? I'm seeking ideas.

I'm not looking to create anything particularly extravagant - just a calming, restful corner of my apartment that's different from the rest of my place but still a spot I look forward to visiting. An empty plot of taupe Berber carpet and white walls isn't very appealing.

So, where do you meditate and what's it like? What helps get you into that mental space?
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Well, I prefer to do it outside, because doing it in my place means that there are too many tempting and far more interesting things to do that I'd rather be doing than meditating. So for me, the mental space is "pretty location, or a dark location" (when I was taking class), "but either way, somewhere where there aren't any temptations to do something far more interesting than this." So I'd suggest somewhere where you don't get up to anything interesting (perhaps your bedroom), and maybe decorate the area with flowers, and preferably have a way to dim the lights.
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If I had the space and didn't have pets/young children that would destroy it, I would love to have a low table (like a bedside table) with a candle, maybe some incense, little Buddha statue, and a plant. Add a comfy pillow to sit on. Ideally this would be near a window in the bedroom (private, gets fresh air).

But I don't have that, so instead I just do it wherever (couch, carpet, bed) and listen to recordings of Tibetan Singing Bowls to help create some atmosphere.
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I haven't done this yet, but am planning to! I think the key is to have a few beautiful objects objects set off by being elevated in some way -- on the wall or on a table. There's a reason why the altar with centered objects on it is pretty much a universal devotional space. Here's one example that seems very doable. (Substitute Buddha statute for any other object you find more appropriate.)

As for setting it off from the rest of the house, I think a small rug might work.
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I live in a one-bedroom apartment with another human and two cats, so there isn't enough room to set aside a space specifically for meditation. Luckily I do zazen, so all I really need is a plain wall and (ideally) a cushion. The cushions get stored in a corner of the living room with the yoga blankets and exercise props and suchlike and we pull them out when we're ready to sit, then fold things up and put them away when we're done.
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