Using the Cloud, how to?
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My posting to the to?

I have photos and music stored on my Mac. My daughter will be going off to another state for college. My wife uses a PC...Can we move photos and music to Amazon (say) Cloud, use the same password and log-in so that we can all have access to the photos and the music...Amazon says all platforms work with their cloud.
How do move the items? any thing I should know before trying this move?
in advance, thanks.
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You sound like a perfect candidate for Dropbox.
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What are you trying to do ? Share files, back them up, or make copies so everyone can have/download a copy, __ ?

Do you expect to be generating lots of "new" content to share ? Large amounts of content, or a few pics here/there ?
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The absolute easiest way to accomplish this would like be to use Dropbox. Dropbox essentially creates a fully shared folder on your computer that shares to whomever you allow. You can create separate accounts for each family member so they can keep some files private, and just share a single family folder (with other folders within it for things like music and photos), or you can just share one big account with everything in it.

Dropbox is great because as soon as you save a file, it shows up on everyone else's computer. Mobile devices can also access it. You get 2GB for free, but more for completing some simple tasks like posting about it on Facebook and inviting others to use it. They offer packages that would store a decent music library like 50GB for rather affordable prices.

Amazon's Cloud Drive service is another alternative, and the one you appear to be looking at. It's a bit different in that it requires you to use its Cloud Player software for the easiest access, rather than just a photo on your computer, but it allows you to much more easily play music shared across different devices and systems, which is nice. It also offers 5GB of free storage and relatively affordable alternative packages for more storage, and anything you happened to buy through Amazon MP3 is stored free. You can at least try with them and see if the software is too kludgy to really enjoy first, but I like Dropbox because it's literally just a special folder on your computer, and no other software necessary once you install their agent.

Finally, Apple's iCloud package is going to be offering some competitive cloud storage, but it's not out yet. Definitely something to keep a lookout for.
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Does Dropbox allow you to sync iTunes between machines?
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+1 for Dropbox if it fits your requirements.

If you sign-up using someone's referral link, then your daughter uses your referral link, you'll get some extra space twice.

If you're a fan of a DIY method, you could repurpose an old computer (though there's no reason you need another comptuer to do this) to put your media on and allow remote access for your daughter. If this is something you'd like, just search for "setup ftp server".
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@KokuRyu... Itunes across dropbox can be done, but it's a bit of a pain. Apple's upcoming iCloud looks like it will do it all for you, while laundering your MP3 library, so probably easier to just wait for that...
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Response by poster: wow. nice thoughts here.
To be clear: a batch of photos to share and get at for 3 people, using different computers but one log in
the music already on my Mac, shared by us but soon sharing will be from distance.

We may each add a tune or photo now and then but we want to share anyway.
Will Apple cloud require Mac to get onto the cloud? Need for PC and Mac
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You could also use PicasaWeb - then nobody needs to keep copies of the photos on their computer. The photos will will stored on Google servers. For music, I'd just set up sharing on a local sever and allow your daughter to access it remotely.
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I believe Apple Cloud will be compatible with anything that runs iTunes.
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