WANTED: A helpful and friendly graphic design forum.
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Can anyone recommend a good graphic design forum? Somewhere I can submit works-in-progress and get constructive feedback?

Besides Metafilter, the only other places I go for professional opinions on work issues are the (excellent) photography forums at Fred Miranda (especially the wedding photo forum). But I am at a stage of development in my graphic design work where I could really use the same kind of professionalism and expertise on a site focused on graphic and web design. Bonus points if there is a "working area" where sharing images is member-only of some sort. I'd rather not share ongoing client work all over the intertubes.

I can't stand spammy posts and bickering, and other poor forum practices. I am aware of Google search results on this topic, so I am just looking for a shortlist.

(also, I tried searching this question here on MeFi, but the search was broken on Google's end at the time and I'm naturally impatient...)

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How about Forrst?
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qbn is good. Avoid asking for a ffffound invite and you'll be okay.
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The forums at GC Society might be worth checking out. I download a bunch of really cool stuff from their awards gallery.
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You really want to be on dribbble, which is packed with designers sharing their work.

Registration is by invitation only, so sign up as a spectator and submit yourself for review.
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