I don't want to miss another blockbuster!!!!!
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I would like to start receive automatic notifications (ex. e-mail, SMS, push notifications) on upcoming movies. I currently manually track movie release dates on Google Calendar. It would be nice if I could have reminders sent to my phone automatically. Does this exist? *Bonus points for a iPhone friendly app*
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Can I ask for clarification on what you want? Do you want to be notified as soon as a movie publicizes a release date? Or do you want a notification on Thursday of everything coming out on Friday? Or, obviously, somewhere in between?
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You can add this calendar, and then set up notifications in calendar settings.
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I would like to be notified a day or two before a movie is released in theaters. Example, July 1st Transformers is coming out. I would like to get an automatic notification the day of, or the day before. I don't mind using Google Calendar, but it would be nice to have a system that watches a list of movies I want to see and pings me when they are available to watch.
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