What to do in South Seattle?
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What am I missing in South Seattle?

Due to work, it looks like I'll be making semi-regular 2-3 day trips to Seattle for the foreseeable future. Daytime will mostly be in the area between SeaTac and Boeing Field, which doesn't strike me as a particularly sparkling part of Seattle. Once I'm done with the day what else is there in the vicinity worth knowing about? A friendly place with half-decent food and music/the game on, shops worth visiting, streets to wander, whatever you've got for the solo traveller. The only limit is that I'm really not interested in driving far at all as my days will be long - that place in Capitol Hill is probably great, but I'd fall asleep getting there.
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Downtown Burien isn't as bad as you would think. Get Eggplant Parmesan at Hey Paison, buy some meat pies at the Australian Pie Company, or get coffee and pastries at the Grand Central Bakery. I wandered around a bit on that main drag and there is also the Burien library, a used book store, and a pub within meandering distance. Not a bad place to kill time and eat.
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There are a bunch of places in Georgetown. I'd suggest starting at Smarty Pants, a pretty nifty bar with some great sandwiches. I've also had some great meals at Muy Macho
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Seconding Smarty Pants. There's a cool comic shop around the corner.
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Stellar pizza. OMG GOOD.
Jules maes
Georgetown liquor company
9lb hammer

All these are on airport way between aurora and Lucille.
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Best answer: I really like Columbia City. Charming (and rapidly gentrifying) neighborhood with a good pub, several good restaurants, like Geraldine's Counter. I hear White Center is supposed to be the next Georgetown, whatever that means. South Park needs your love.

I think Bai Tong is one of the best Thai restaurants in the Seattle area, and it is in a strip mall on Southcenter Parkway.

I don't want to derail your question, but be sure not to overestimate the time needed to get to Capitol Hill or the International District. You can travel by car in Seattle much more quickly than in Vancouver. It should be 15 min–25 min to get to Capitol Hill from most places in that area. Or take the light rail in if you're worried about falling asleep.
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As a former employee there, I can tell you that the Museum of Flight is AWESOME and a great way to spend a few hours. Even if you don't like looking at planes, there are loads of movies/interactive exhibits/etc.

Good, good times.
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Take a circus class at the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts in Georgetown.

Wander IKEA in Renton and have Swedish meatballs and lingonberries for dinner.

Agreed that the small main centers of the Columbia City and Burien business districts make a pleasant afternoon or evening.
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Best answer: I used to live in Columbia City and second grouse's suggestion. CC Bakery is the best in the city, no joke. Several terrific restaurants on a three-block stretch: Tutta Bella, La Medusa, Verve, CC Alehouse.

Kubota Gardens is a real jewel, waaaay down in the south end of Seattle, almost at the Renton border. Really, don't miss it.

Seward Park and Lake Washington Boulevard are the loveliest shore access to Lake Washington around the whole body of water--only stretches that aren't developed right up to the water. Actually there's a whole series of Olmsted parks that run through Seattle starting with Seward Park: Seward, LWB, Colman Park, Volunteer Park--that gets you up through Cap Hill, are a lot of pretty places to visit in the south end.

I agree that the Museum of Flight is awesome and should not be missed!

I hear there's a new roller rink in White Center that's supposed to be really cool, if you're up for skating.

Have fun! I miss my old stompin' grounds. :)
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Best answer: Try the Salvadoran bakery in White Center. Not just baked goods - you can get a delicious pupusa lunch with all the fixings.
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Best answer: Taqueria la Fondita #2. Not far from from the Salvadoran bakery matildaben recommends.
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Best answer: I recommend Marco Polo - best fried chicken ever. It's in SoDo on 4th past Costco.

Also, check out Proletariat Pizza and Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center. Awesome places!

+1 on the Museum of Flight. Very cool.
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> There's a cool comic shop around the corner

That's not just any comic store: it's Fantagraphics!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm handing out gold stars to the Columbia City and White Center suggestions, I had no idea they were out there. I knew I was missing good stuff.

(Sorry Georgetown boosters, I'd already made a visit to check out Fantagraphics - nice neaighbourhood)
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One more thing: the library (corpse-free). White Center, specifically, but there are branches scattered all over that area.
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