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Can anybody recommend a Minecraft multiplayer server? I'm involved with one now and it's fine but I find myself sometimes tired of the 14/15-year-olds. Survival is great, keeps the blood pumping.

Playing with 14/15-year-olds is fine but I'm an older (but not that old) guy so I'm looking for a more mature crowd.
Some things that are nice but aren't necessary:
* LevelCraft (for the RPG feel)
* iConomy (for buying and selling stuff, etc...)
* Multiple/diverse worlds

Any help is appreciated.
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Best answer: aporkalypse.net
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Best answer: aporkalypse.net is part of MeFight Club, which is part of the larger MetaFilter family of project sites.
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Best answer: Yup, came here just to recommend the Apork and MFC. Downside: we have none of your "nice but not necessary" features.
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is peaceful turned off yet for aporkalpyse?
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Best answer: Today Apork was set to "dangerous," yup.
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If you're looking for a relatively small group of people to play with, I've ran an SMP server for a few friends for about a year now (since alpha) and we're planning on holding 'adventure events' every weekend alongside our normal group survival server.

All of us are over 20-21 and all know each other either IRL or through WoW being long term guildmates.

We're currently waiting for the 1.7 patch for the secret adventure mode they have planned before we start back up again with our current world (or we might start a new one) and our weekend events are still being figured out.

Go ahead and check out our current server at

We recently upgraded to fiber optic internet and our IP address has changed, so nobody has been on for a while and the server is pretty much deserted. Feel free to wander around and see what we've done in the past few months until we all start up again.
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You'll love Aporkalypse.
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I'm running a survival server with very few game-changing plugins, though none of the ones you listed. It's a small group of friends plus a few other players that joined. It's mostly survival: you can't spawn items, you have to find them. Nothing is protected from griefing (except monuments/works of art).

at any given time of the day, you're not likely to see anyone else online. Most players are online in the evening hours of US Central time.

log on if you like: s.cybernixon.net
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Best answer: Everyone is welcome to join us over at Mefightclub.com and Aporkalypse.net but please note that our user authorizing system is currently down. You'll be able to connect and check out the stuff on our server but you'll be unable to place / destroy any blocks.

A new system is in the works and will be in place shortly.
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yea, what Disk (et al) said.

Stick around until we get things sorted out! It'll be worth the wait!
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