Best zafu?
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Best zafu for daily meditation?

I'm looking to buy a zafu (and zabutan) for daily meditation practice. I think I prefer a buckwheat fill. I have long legs and normally use two stacked cushions to sit Burmese style when I meditate at my sangha.

I see a lot of options online and they all seem pretty expensive. What brand do you have/like? Do you own two cushions? I'm not a fan of the bench, just looking for cushion recommendations.
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I have both the zafu and zabuton "deluxe" models from, they're fantastic. Covers are thick and durable, and remove easily for washing. Very happy with both products and the company. I'm sort of tall-ish (6'1") with long legs as well, and sit Burmese style too... Their buckwheat fill has been enough for me to not need a second cushion. But if you need something more, you probably could save some cash by not getting a second zafu and instead finding an ordinary pillow that suits the need, with a zafu on top? You've probably already thought of that. :)
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I like the gomden instead of the traditional zafu because of my long legs. There are different heights available, plus the availability of a cushion for the top. I don't need a zabuton anymore.
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We've been using a couple of Smile zafus for a few years now and are quite pleased with them. (Ours are the kapok-filled, and I do need to order some additional kapok — we've been sitting on these long enough that it's gotten a bit compacted and could do with some supplementation.) It comes in either kapok- or buckwheat-filled, plus they have an additional support cushion for taller folks who want their Smile cushion boosted an inch or so.
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