I want to have an internet yard sale!
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What is the best strategy for selling my stuff online?

I have a random assortment of pretty good stuff that I want to sell but I'm having trouble determining the best way to approach this. eBay used to be the obvious answer but it's popularity seems to have waned over the five or more years since I last used it. Is there something better these days?

The items I'm selling include some high-end designer clothing, climbing equipment, camping gear, and an iPad, if that helps. I'd like to maximize profit and minimize hassle.

I also have a heap of books that I'd like to sell (including some signed first editions). I've sold books to powells and abebooks in the past with some success but I'm wondering if there might be a better option now for that as well?
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Amazon and Craigslist are good alternatives to eBay.
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Half.com is good to sell books, you can categorize the book by the condition it is in (New, Like New, Good) and price accordingly.
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I sell a bunch of random stuff online. From tools, to antiques, books, cds, and soon jeep parts.
Amazon is great. I've probably most of my things on amazon, computers locally on craigs list.

One thing I do though when I have odd things that are not really listed on amazon is to track down message board groups as they usually have a classified section. So for instance, I am going to have a bunch of new 2011 jeep wrangler parts that are not listed on amazon, so I will join message boards or even contact wholesalers of these items.

Best of luck.
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There must be an online community specifically for trading used designer clothing and/or used outdoor gear. I'd check into that (though I can't point you in the right direction). Whenever you've got something that would appeal to a specialized group, it's best to go straight after that group.

iPad: Craigslist. Books: I'd probably take them to a physical used bookstore and unload them. You won't get much, but you'll get it over with.
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Books - Powells.com in immediate. Half.com sucks.
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Take lots of good pictures. Make sure they are in focus, with sufficient lighting and contrast. This always has gotten my things sold online.
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I would put the high end designer clothing on ebay or take it to a consignment shop. The rest of that would be good on craigslist. Maybe the climbing equipment on ebay too if there isn't a climbing community in your area.

I sell my books and dvds on half.com all the time. I don't know what k8t's issue was but I've never had a problem.
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For the designer goods you can try bonanza.com especially if you are selling any handbags. Traffic and prices are probably best on ebay to be honest. If you plan to take Paypal payments (still the most popular) be aware that their buyer protection now applies no matter where you sell so you might still want to look at seller forums to see the potential problems involved.
For example with Paypal the dispute system supposedly favors buyers, basically forces sellers to take returns no matter what is stated policy.

Also since you mentioned designer itemsthis list is a list of designers that may be restricted to sell on ebay. There can be limits to how many pieces you can sell of designer items or sometimes listings can just get pulled for authenticity questions or trademark issues. You might try looking at consignment for those. Ionly know about places for bags like Yoogis Closet but there must be places for clothes too.
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