cintiq color calibration issues
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Wacom Cintiq color calibration issues under Windows XP run on an iMac.

For some reason my Cintiq is calibrated to be really, really red by default. I can change the settings around but I can never get it anywhere in the realm of right; it ends up having color, contrast and brightness issues.

I don't think this is an issue with the Cintiq itself because the colors on the menus look right-- the reds are normal reds, blacks very black, etc. Is there a software fix for this?

I'm using Windows XP run on an iMac, if it matters.
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Okay, I've messed with it a fair amount more, and here's a bit of an update: the red seems to be replacing the black. If I look at a calibration image like this one, the entire red line is uniform; no variation in red is created by adding or removing black. Crappy webcam photo by way of explanation.
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Do you have it hooked up with VGA? Looks like a bad VGA cable or connection to me.
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It's DVI connected.
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