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Last minute role playing date. Ideas on what to bring/do? SO and I are having a date where we pretend we've never met. We're both fabulously rich and famous (in the fantasy, that is...). What's fun/easy to bring as a gift for my date, or to do?

Nothing crazy, but it seems like I oughta bring something for my date... She's an up and coming diva, not necessarily in the most flattering sense of the word. I'm some kind of sophisticated gentleman (or wanna-be) or something. We haven't really thought it through, it's just kind of evolved and I'd like to up the ante a bit and make it fun. (our "assistants" or alter egos set the date up)

If you were going on a first date with a demanding diva, what would you do or bring for her? Portable and small is good. Cheap and easy is too, although I'm willing to put in some work and/or spend a few bucks. I've only got a few hours.

Thank you!
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"Diamond" necklace or tennis bracelet. Easily $16 at a Kohls or Target.
Her favorite perfume (or yours).
A box of M&Ms in only her favorite color.

Just think... What would Mariah Carey want? And go from there.
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You can always print out some Louis Vuitton or Chanel logo style wrapping paper and do up anything in "fancy" packaged print.
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Response by poster: Yes! Those are pretty much along the lines of what I'm looking for. Thank you, and if anybody's got other ideas... Thanks again!
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Don't discount things that "the little people" would like. In the role play it could be a gag/lark and just sort of a silly token - but if there is something that her alter ego (ie real self) likes, then get that for her under those auspices.

You might also consider mocking up a CD of hers and asking for an autograph. Divas like to be flattered.
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a handbag maybe? or a really nice lipstick, Chanel or somesuch, I think you'd want to give her something she could keep after anyway, rather than spending money on the novelty. A fancy lipstick would set you back $25 -$30, not too crazy and then she'll have it when she's back to her non diva self. Have fun.
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I would get some kind of carved knickknack, something like an elephant or somesuch, that's wood or jade or something, and say it's from your latest travels to a far-off land. "The people there...they're so genuine, so rich in spirit..." be as pretentious about it as you can.

Or go for a piece of "art" by an up and coming artist that makes absolutely no sense and is terribly gaudy. A piece of trash in a lovely box or something, and go on and on about how the artists of today understand the post-modern world or something.
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I'm some kind of sophisticated gentleman (or wanna-be)

So, you're Robert Redford, George Clooney, Woody Allen, Steve Martin or ...?

Diamonds or perfume, a silk scarf, a book of your favorite poetry or a CD of an obscure jazz musician, or a gag gift relevant to the place (like a little toy trolley car in San Francisco; this is about bonding over how money means nothing to you both, and at the amusement you get from proletariat tourist tastes).
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Response by poster: Awesome. I'm sure these will all get used in the coming weeks/months (including actually giving stuff she'll want for real, instead of just contributing to the amount of junk in the world).

For now I went with Kohl's clearance, $4 for a necklace with the first letter of her real/diva name encrusted in diamonds (or whatever you call it). Was going anyway for a salad spinner...

May also pull out a mockup concert ticket and get an autograph for my neice.

And if I had to pick, I'd say closer to how I imagine various roles of (and works by) Steve Martin...

Thanks again all.
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"I had the cutest little man at Cartier helping me and I tried to buy him for you, but--and can you believe this--that's apparently slavery. Who knew? So anyway..."
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