How should I store harina de maiz?
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How should I store harina de maiz? It's Masa Brosa brand made of white cooked corn, water and lime with no preservatives. It will take me a long time to use it up (maybe a year?) - should it go in the fridge or cupboard? Or can I make up a million little dough balls all at once and just freeze them?
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White/refined grains store longer than whole grains: sealed container, cool, dry pantry-type storage.
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We store our tamale masa in the pantry for a year at a time. We've also stored it in the deep freeze. It's been fine both ways.
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This is not just corn flour, it's already corn and water mixed. You have to refrigerate it. You'll know when it goes bad, it won't last a year.
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Response by poster: I guess the list of ingredients is misleading (I just copied them off the bag) - it is dry flour.
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oh, then pantry, relax.
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I keep mine in an airtight canister. So far, so good.
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Put it in the freezer, if you have room. It will warm up just fine, and you'll spare yourself a lot of concern.
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I would keep it in the freezer, just to keep it safe from pantry moths. I had a horrible experience last year that I don't ever want to repeat.
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Always store things as cold as they will tolerate. The freezer might be bad, as it is possible that the moisture content in the flour will freezerburn out of the granules. Airtight in the fridge is my vote.
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I keep mine in the freezer in the original bag inside a zip-loc and have kept it over a year.
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