I want your pudding!
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Please share with me your favorite recipe for bread pudding.

I love bread pudding! I like to bake it then freeze squares for later consumption. I would like your suggestions or recipes for making great bread pudding.

It's alright if it's not actually a specific recipe (e.g. "put berries in between the torn pieces of bread; add ginger to the custard"), as I don't actually use one. I typically just mix two eggs with some milk and cream, add vanilla/sugar/cinnamon and pour over bread in a loaf pan. I have served it with whipped cream and a mixed berry sauce.

Do you have a certain bread pudding recipe you like, or suggestions for things to put in/serve with it? Savory bread puddings are welcome, too. The only dietary restriction is that I'm a vegetarian, so no meat/poultry/seafood.
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I was a traditionalist until I had this chocolate version.
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Okay, this is serious comfort food but I use an old Betty Crocker recipe, the chocolate variation: 2 c. milk, 4 c. bread crumbs (stale french bread good), 1/4 c. butter melted with 2 oz. chocolate or 6-8 T cocoa (can add a bit more butter w/cocoa), 2 eggs, 1/4 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/4 tsp. almond extract.
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I recently made a bread pudding and added a handful of unsweetened flaked coconut and dried berry mix (multi colored raisins, cranberries, blueberries), with brown sugar instead of white and twice the amount of cinnamon I would usually put in. I was very happy with it! My husband made a spicy chocolate bread pudding a couple months ago (seems like we always have bread to use up!), it was super tasty!
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I use croissants and chunks of semisweet chocolate.
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I really like this recipe, although I prefer apple chunks rather than raisins.
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Oooo, my favorite thing. I could live on bread pudding. My usual recipe (my mother's) is very simple:

3 cups whole milk
4 eggs
1 - 2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
pinch of salt
bread: 3 - 4 slices, torn into cubes
nutmeg grated on top

The easiest variation is to use interesting bread: raisin bread, cinnamon bread, crunchy whole grain bread. Potato bread is exquisite.

I've had yummy results adding a small can of cooked pumpkin (which is really squash) to this recipe (skip the vanilla) and using pumpkin pie spices. I like a lot of zing in the flavor, so I double the spices and add a trace of black pepper. And whether you make it plain or pumpkin, don't forget a pinch of salt.
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Applesauce bread pudding.
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This recipe from Foster's Market is what got me into bread pudding.

Mushroom bread pudding is fantastic, too.
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I forgot to say stale brioche or challah are great for bread pudding!
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Leek bread pudding is my favorite savory... bread pudding is a big deal at my house. I never realized I would have so much to say about bread pudding.
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I will maintain to my grave that James Beard's Coach House Bread and Butter Pudding is the One True Bread Pudding. I've been eating it for 40 years, making it for 20. After you get the mechanics down the first time through, it's the perfect dinner party or holiday dessert, because it's delicious and easy. (You must use French bread and it must be stale.)
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The Columbia Restaurant's white chocolate bread pudding is INSANE. The white chocolate and cream needed will cost a bit—but because it's so rich, the pudding will serve a lot of people. People who will become in your thrall forever, though, so it's cost-effective.

If you're not feeding a crowd, it freezes very well, and a simple shot of rum is plenty sauce for the leftovers.
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I can wholeheartedly second mimi's recommendation. That stuff is UNBELIEVABLY good.
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Two cookbook recipe recommendations:

Famous Dave's has a book called Backroads and Sidestreets, and it was the recipe in there (and sauce recipe) that converted me - prior I hated bread pudding.

The Boozy Baker has a recipe that uses cake donuts as the bread, and then has a rum creme sauce. I'd have added more cinnamon to it, but it was also pretty unique & tasty.
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For grins, I turned a box of Krispy Kreme donuts into bread pudding. Worked like a charm.
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The savory bread pudding recipe from Tom Douglas' _Seattle Kitchen_ gets all the love at parties that I bring it to or host. It is delicious and the recipe is spot on in comparison to what I ate at his restaurant in Seattle.

My bread pudding which is also a love fest especially amongst the sweet toothed and occasionally jaded. It is usually by feel and what I have in the pantry but here goes:

* dried fruit is rerhydrated in a quick bath of hot water to finish with dark rum in a bowl;
* grated almond paste;
* brioche, challah or even left over panatonne are good, fatty bases to start to work with;
* cheat on your custard topping -- Mrs. Bird's pudding done as a loose sauce that has been spike with booze such as, frangelico or amaretto makes things memorable;
* heavy whipping cream as the dairy base with whole eggs makes a rich, filling recipe;
* double fold vanilla -- oh yeah, you play to win with that stuff in your pantry
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I just (really just-- I finished eating it about two minutes ago!) invented a savory sourdough bread pudding with a smoked tomato puree/milk/egg custard to which I added some onion granules, basil, and cayenne and then goat cheese on top. It was ridiculously good, and would probably be pretty amazing even with regular tomato puree.
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This one!
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Four words for you: bread pudding French toast. No, I don't have a recipe for you but had that a couple times at a cafe here last summer and let me tell you: inspired. Add some fresh whipped cream and berries and you're in heaven.
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I used croissants instead of bread. Sometimes I sneak little pieces of hazelnut chocolate between layers, not a lot, it is already fairly rich :)
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Peanut butter and jelly bread pudding.

Oh so delish. I made it in my crock pot as well.

And nthing the krispy creame donut one. I think I put some rum in there too. I almost killed my diabetic grandmother because she didn't listen when I said this isn't for you. I'm making one for you now.
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Like jadepearl, I add boozy fruit to my bread pudding. This actually happened by accident one Christmas: I had made mulled wine and then saved the raisins and then decided to toss them into the bread pudding.

But you can reconstitute any dried fruit with booze. Last time I soaked cranberries in brandy. I prefer the tartness of cranberries instead of raisins in my bread pudding.
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I LOVE this classic recipe. Sometimes I add Ghiradelli chocolate baking chips before putting it in the oven. Amazing.
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Response by poster: So many great ideas! I'm not sure if I can pick favorites; they all sound delicious.
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Savoury: with cheese and marmite. Sounds a bit hormonal but tickled me when I read it in a 70's cookbook recently
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Stale panetone, booze-soaked fruit, leave on the sideboard for several hours before it goes in the oven. An nice alternative is spreading marmalade on the cake/bread/whatever.

NB: looking through those links, is the chopping up the bread an American thing? Slices people, it must be in slices.
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Onion, spinach, and tomato bread pudding:

Cover the bottom of a large, shallow pan with stale or toasted bread cubes.

Spread seasoned, sauteed onions and spinach over the bread. (I throw a pinch of thyme and red pepper flakes into my onions, along with salt and pepper, I also like to add a splash of balsamic to the onions.)

Beat eggs into milk (I make a big, lasagna-size pan and use 7 eggs and 1.5-2 cups of milk), add salt and pepper, and pour over the bread.

Sprinkle a big handful of grated or crumbled cheese (whatever you like or have lying around will work) over everything.

Halve a box of cherry tomatoes, and spread them evenly on top (that way they'll roast as the pudding bakes).

Pop it in the oven at 350-400 for 40 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
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You know what makes me love Vincent Price even more?

The fact that he has a famous bread pudding recipe. I've had it prepared at the Rancho Bernardo Inn and it is quite good.

Vincent Prices's Rancho Bernardo Inn Bread Pudding

1/4 c. raisins
1/4 c. brown sugar, packed
8 slices white bread
3 eggs, beaten
4 c. milk
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 tbsp. unsalted butter, diced
Creme Anglaise (recipe follows)

Sprinkle raisins and brown sugar evenly in well buttered 13 x 9-inch glass baking dish. Line dish with bread slices. Set aside.
Combine eggs, milk and vanilla and pour over bread slices. Dot with butter.

Place baking dish in hot water bath. Bake at 305 degrees for 1 hour or until pudding is firm. Serve in squares with Creme Anglaise.

Makes 8 to 12 servings.


6 egg yolks
3/4 c. sugar
2 c. milk
Dash salt
1 tsp. vanilla

Combine egg yolks and sugar. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Set aside.
Bring milk to simmer. Add salt and vanilla.

Combine egg mixture with some hot milk and return to mil mixture. Heat over low heat until thickened, stirring constantly. Strain and cool.

Makes 2 cups.

From a Treasury of Great Recipes
Vincent Price
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