Where can I get Monocle Magazine in downtown Toronto?
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There's an article that I want to read in the latest Monocle magazine. Where can I get it in Toronto? I haven't been able to find it in several local newsstands.
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In Canada, it seems to be only available in Quebec -- distribution list.
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Search Google for Presse Internationale Toronto. They're the best source in Toronto for magazines. There's one not showing on Google maps at Bloor and Lippincott as well.

bwonder2 is incorrect--the company on the distro list is the Canadian distributor who sells to all the mag stores in the country, not a retail outlet.
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Also, try Type Books at Queen and Trinity.
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It's at Type. I picked it up and browsed through it yesterday.
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I just walked by an issue of Monocle in one of the local magazine shops in Montreal. If you can't find it any other way I will personally purchase the issue and mail it to you for the cover price and shipping (just the postage, I'll even throw in a plain brown wrapper free of charge).
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It is at Chapters/Indigo in the burbs, so probably downtown too.
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Its at Type, but its also in every single location of Indigo i've been to too. (Its definitely at bay/bloor Indigo.)
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I found it at Chapters after meticulously going through all the other crappy magazines they have there. Thanks for all the offers/advice, though!
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Every large newsstand has Monocle, as does the Northern District branch of the library.
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