need online budget and tracking system with integrated timesheet system
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looking for an online timesheet system that is linked to a system that tracks budget and projects personnel costs.

I have a non-profit with 50 employees. The employees charge their time to one of 15 projects. I would like to be able to project their time, then have their projected time show up as a schedule (with allocation to projects) on their time sheet. They should be able to just accept or modify the schedule rather than enter their time from scratch. Then I would like the system to show the cost of their actual time against a budget that I have setup for their project.

I need to be able to export the timesheet information that was entered to ADP (not very difficult to arrange if there is any export feature at all).
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Depending on how flexible you can be on the timesheet design, Function Fox might work for you.

When I was shopping for project management software, I found these lists (1, 2) helpful.
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I had a client who used Clicktime with his contractors. I found it very easy to use, and liked being able to export reports to save for my own invoicing records.
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