Connecting new PC to old TVs
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How can I get this PC to output s-video or CATV?

Next week, I'm installing an Acer Aspire AX3910-U4022 in a nightclub next week for outputting video slide shows. Only thing, the video system in the club is all connected by coaxial cable CATV.

How can I get this PC to output video to the in-house system? I figure s-video (with audio out to amplifier) is the way to go. Another challenge, this is a "skinny" PC, meaning the PCI expansion port is half the size of regular PCI expansion ports (PCI-e x16). And I don't know where to go to find such a card as all the cards listed as PCI-e all seem regular size.

I figure I can use VGA out but I want that to output to a monitor as well.

There is an HDMI output on the PC but I don't know how I could patch that into a system that is made up by a bunch of televisions which are all outfitted for CATV and receiving signal from a CATV tap.
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If it's a small case, what you're looking for is a "low profile" (or low profile ready, with a low profile bracket) video card with s-video out.
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How about a USB video card?
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Best answer: You can get a HDMI to s-video/composite converter for about $50. If you must have it as NTSC over RG6/coax then you can get an RF modulator for about $15.
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