Old Nikon lenses compatible with D70?
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I have an old Nikon N6006 film SLR. I am interested in buying a Nikon D70 digital SLR and would like to know if my old lenses will be compatible. I don't know much about what types of Nikon lenses are out there, but the ones I have are autofocus and work with my N6006. How can I tell if they will work with the D70?
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Response by poster: Oh and I am aware of the magnification change I will experience because the image sensor is smaller than 35mm. Thanks!
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Looks like the N6006 uses Type D, AF-I and AF-S lenses.

According to the D70 manual, all of these will work with the D70 and provide auto-focus.
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Falconred is right. I've got an older N2002 and it's lenses are compatible with the D70
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Most Nikon lenses are backward compatible, unlike that other brand. There are exceptions with various oddball lenses, but I've never run into them.
Here's a chart at Nikonians with compatibility information.

Here's a good page
for helping identify non-AI, AI ,and AI-S lenses. (scroll down)
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The Nikon F mount is one of the oldest continuing lens mount standards. Some lenses only work with certain bodies, but generally unless a lens is really old, it will probably work on the D70. The compatibility chart shows the D70 can take any but the oldest generation MF and AF lenses. On preview: what Jack Karaoke said.
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By the way.. Don't forget the Fuji, and Kodak models that take Nikon mounts. I think Sigma even makes a model for Nikon lenses... You may choose the D70, but you're not locked in to Nikon bodies with these lenses.
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Unless Sigma's quality has improved by a 1000x factor from when I used to sell them in the late 80s, stay far away.
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Be aware that if you bought the lenses at about the same time as the body that you will not get the 3D flash integration.
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Scratch that. No Sigma F mount anyway. At least these models, plus anything newer.

Fuji S1 Pro
Fuji S2 Pro
Fuji S3 Pro
Kodak DCS 315
Kodak DCS 620x
Kodak DCS 720x
Kodak DCS 760
Kodak DCS Pro 14n
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n
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Response by poster: Sweet! Thanks, all.
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Non-digital lenses may have some aberrations below about 50mm or so. Here is an article on the subject from Popular Photography.
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