Recommendations for Watch w/Altimeter
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Recommend me a sleek watch with an altimeter.

I'm looking for a watch that has an altimeter. It is for a gift.

I'm more interested in watches that have a clean design and/or leather straps (like the Suunto Ventus).

The Suunto Ventus looks like a good option, but I don't want to miss other brands with similar designs just because my google-fu has failed.

I would like to avoid sporty/ruberry watches or those that have "cluttered" design, like this tissot.

The price of the watch should not exceed $1k.

Thanks for any recommendations.
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I would suggest the Suunto can get a leather strap for it. The whole package would cost you less than $ a high end place.

I think you should take a look at the Suunto website. "Search by activity". Click "mountaineering".

A caveat I would offer is that altimeters aren't really that accurate. The sensor creates some kind of relationship between altimeter (height) and barometer (pressure). So sometimes your elevation may show as 110M...and other times 183M, just because the weather has changed. You may have to calibrate it quite often in a known elevation area.

Check out this forum on ABC (Altimeter-Barometer-Compass) watches
. Your question is asked on a pretty regular basis, and everyone has an opinion based on what they consider important. I think it'll open up a whole new world of options...that allow you to get your "grail" (as we horological fanatics say).
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