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I enjoy the often-derided NewsFilter type posts, epecially the comments and links provided in follow-up. These days, Canadian politics has become interesting, but I haven't found a spot on the web where ideas, information and links of MeFi caliber are posted on this subject. Are there any Canadian politics oriented blogs or forums that are worthy?
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Try here. There are also many other personal political Canadian blogs at, if you're keen on finding varied individual opinions.
posted by Blue Buddha at 12:04 PM on May 18, 2005

Also, if you're more to the left try's forum.
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Devoter? It was intended to be a more global political community weblog, from memory.
posted by tracicle at 2:00 PM on May 18, 2005

I second rabble. It's a pretty decent site for Canadian (and International) news (if you are a "left-y").
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You can also try THIS Magazine, a lefty magazine (disclosure: I used to work there). From the other side (more or less) of the spectrum, Andrew Coyne has a blog where he posts his National Post column, as well as other political commentary. Plus he has an extensive list of (mostly right-of-centre) Canadian political blogs.
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For BC, there's The Tyee. And Paul Wells (writer for Macleans) is publishing a blog.
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Response by poster: Awesome. Going to be difficult sorting the wheat from the chaff (that's kinda why I like metafilter.... its a filter). I was hoping to avoid personal blogs in favour of community blogs.

Andrew Coyne used to annoy me to no end as a columnist, but his blog is somewhat better. Didn't see a list on his site. He does draw a fair crowd though.

Northern Polemics is wrapping up and retiring. TaW is personal site, not much activity. Going to take a while to go through all the links over at blogscanada.

Devoter is very, very low on CanCon. Also seems quiet.

Rabble seems groovy. I am going to spend a little time there hoping it won't be too much of an echo chamber.

Thanks folks!!! This is just what I need to keep connected with the goings-on up North whilst I am doing my time in the Excited Flakes.
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