Possible to collect way-retroactive EDD?
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Is it worthwhile to try to talk to EDD about retroactive unemployment benefits?

I was laid off due to a union bump in the summer of 2009. The combination of depression, ADD, a big move, totally misguided pride about going on "welfare," and complete unfamiliarity with the EDD process made me file online for unemployment a few weeks late, and then I never received any acknowledgement whatsoever. I didn't call to follow up, and then my previous job recalled me 4 months later. So I just let it go. I think I rationalized the initial procrastination with the expectation that the bad economy would keep me unemployed for a long time, and didn't feel the urgency.

I've been laid off again, this time with nonexistent potential for recall, as the department is shutting down. I filed for unemployment again. This time I filed the moment I was eligible, and this time I received acknowledgement, the claim forms, etc. and am sending in the forms promptly.

Now I am feeling stupid about losing the equivalent of 4 months' UI benefits. Should I bother trying to check with EDD about this? I've heard lots of stories about their nightmarish bureaucracy. I am also worried that bothering them too much will just sort of red flag my claim in general.

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My gut feeling on this would be that after two years, you're probably out of luck, but it might help to know where you live, as this answer will vary wildly as a result.
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In New York state, they specifically tell you that you must apply right away, because they will not backdate an application due to a delay in timely filing. I doubt you will be able to get back payments, but it never hurts to ask! Worst thing that happens, you get a little sass via phone from a government employee.
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Seriously doubt you'll be able to get the back benefits, but on the positive side those "missed" months are still in your benefits "bank" to draw on now.
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You do not say what state you are in - this is essential as unemployment amounts, eligibility and regulations vary widely from state to state. As you do call the department "EDD" there is a good chance that you are in California , as that is what the CA unemployment division is commonly referred as.

If I understand correctly you have been working from the fall of 2009 (let's call it October) until now. If that is correct and you have been making a reasonable salary (say, over roughly 30K) you do not need in any manner those 4 months of working income between the summer and fall of 2009.

All you need to get the full 99 week benefits in CA EDD is one quarter in the past year and a half where you made ... I believe the figure is..... 14.5 in that quarter AND you worked a couple quarters before or after that as well. Doing that will give you roughly $450 a week benefits for (currently) almost 99 weeks.

The EDD benefit chart for weekly benefits in California can be found here:

BTW - if you are in California do as much as humanly possible via the web - that s MUCH faster than talking to a rep. You can file weekly claims over the web as well
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If you're in California, I think it's pretty much not going to happen.

In one of my prior AskMes, I had filed for unemployment and just hadn't returned the claim form because I thought I was going to get a job and not need unemployment. When I finally got everything resolved and actually talked to someone from EDD, they advised me, without me even asking, that I would not be able to collect benefits for the period from when I had originally filed to the time that I actually got in touch with them. That lost me at least two months of benefits.

Given my situation, where I did file and was continuously unemployed, I don't see how you'd be able to collect benefits after not filing, two years later.
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