Need help patching a Korg MS-2000
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I usually gig locally with a Moog Voyager as my primary synth, but the band is going on a small tour and — though I have a nice ATA case — I have some reservations about taking such an expensive piece of kit on an extended road trip. I have a Korg MS-2000 synth kicking around the house that I am thinking about touring with instead – it's lighter, smaller, and a million times more expendable. Trouble is, I'm having a bit of a hard time getting good, fat, Moog-like sounds out of it.

I like the MS for what it is, a sharp, digital synth with tons of knobs for tactile control. It's a different flavor than the Voyager, and that's fine…but I need it to be as close as possible for this. Typically, I use the Moog for big, squashy bass sounds, for low continuous filter sweeps, and for blippy bloopy sorts of resonance/LFO sounds. I can get a decently fat tone out of the MS-2000 if I set Osc.1 to a sine wave and pitch it down all the way, and set Osc.2 to a triangle or sawtooth, and detune it a bit.

Problem is, when I do that, I don't get bright enough when sweeping the filter cutoff. Either that or, with a teensy tweak, I suddenly get *too* bright and edgy. Too digital sounding.

Likewise, I am actually having a bit of a difficult time getting a decent, continuous filter sweep out of it.

Any suggestions, hive mind?
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Try a little bit of EQ around 200-500Hz.
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Moogerfooger filter pedal.
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Response by poster: I think the Moogerfooger would work for the sweeps, but I'd like to avoid buying more stuff :(

I'll try that EQ on my mixer and see how that does.
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For about the same price as a Moogerfooger you could get a DSI Mopho module. Assuming you gig with another MIDI controller, you could sell the Korg to fund it. You'd get a whole lot of new analog options as well as be able to fake Moog stuff.
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Hmmm...looking at the front panel online, I'd suggest setting the EG2 amplifier level to lower than 5. If you open the EG amp up too high you'll get shrilly lead sound. 5 or less should get you in the sweet midrangey gooey moogey space. Also, work with the EG2 ADSR settings. The higher the knobs are turned the more higher end frequencies will be allowed through the filter.

Set you VCO 1 to saw and your VCO 2 to square.

Set your filter to 24 BD per Octave also. Without a true ladder filter you won't get that spikey growl, but you should be able to approximate the timbre.

Let us know how it goes!
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OOOOhhhh reading further, you are looking for long filter sweeps...having never used an MS2000 I'm not much use there.
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