unique ideas for collected bottle caps?
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anyone have unique ideas for using collected bottle caps??

i have a TON of bottle caps from beer bottles that i've been collecting for some unknown reason (packrat, i guess).... many of them are from local beers or just interesting by design. anyone know of really cool bottle cap crafts that one can actually use and will not cover up the bottlecap logos? (no necklaces or magnets that require hiding the original logo and painting on the inner part of the bottle cap, please....
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You could cover a small table with them and top with a sheet of plexiglass or something. Here's a page with several examples.
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Interesting bottle caps make nice covers for those plain round fridge magnets, and because they are held on by magnetism, you can change them whenever you want for variety.
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The traditional thing to do (where I live, anyway) is to construct a lagerphone.
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I've been collecting bottlecaps myself recently, for use as game tokens. Checkers, poker chips, stands by which to modify pawns into queens, or as creativity allows. Colorful, cheap, standardized, nestable, versatile little buggers.
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You can hang them to make a beaded curtain
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yeah, most Australians would make a largerphone. Not saying you're Australian. just saying
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Beer-view mirror for your bike rides. My friend found that a dentist's mirror is just the right size.
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Scale armor for a Warrior Dash?
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Bottle cap tray - the caps in this example are painted, but it could look just as neat with all the logos still visible.
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Transparent concrete with bottle caps as the amalgamate? Use as a wall or a bar-top or whatever.

Or cast a lucite block with the bottle caps suspended in it; screw in legs to get a cool coffee table.

Dorkily, rivet caps onto a leather jerkin to get a faux ringmail look.
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Whoops - sorry codswallop - I didn't read the thread, I was referring to flattened caps riveted onto a vest; actual ring/scale mail has been historically effective and some of those concepts could make modern anti-firearm armors more effective.
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Glue little magnets inside them, then use the different beer brands/cap colors to make designs and patterns all over your car?
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You could do an etsy search for bottle caps and see what comes up. There are probably some interesting ideas there.
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I swear to God if I had a bottle cap collection I would replicate this.
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There was an earlier Ask Metafilter thread on what to do with a ton of bottle caps.
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I have done lots of mosaics with bottle caps as components, ranging from tabletop size to huge garden beds - and my friend has done entire walls in his house that are nothing but bottle caps. They look amazing. Of course, with those you don't see the inside of the cap ever again, so if that's important to you I guess it's out. The process is simple and time consuming: adhere your caps however you like (sticking them in concrete is good or you could use tile adhesive) and then grout the whole thing. Handy hint! I tint grout with a couple drops of acrylic paint.

I also am partial to bottle cap snakes but they do involve putting holes in the caps. Anyway, if you want to make one, you will need about 100 bottle caps, 2 wine corks and wire. Take the caps and pound a hole through the center of each. You can do this with a nail and a hammer or, best solution, hand caps, nail and hammer to a 10 year old and have them do it. Then string wire through the holes so that the caps are fairly tightly together. Carve a snake head from one wine cork and a tail from the other and affix them to each end and voila, you have a bottlecap snake that you can hold out horizontally, making it move eerily like those fancy wooden snakes you see in upscale craft galleries.
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Not unique, but my Dad shadowboxed his collection and mounted it on the wall as art- Actually looks pretty nice.
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