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Help me find this interactive fiction title

Asking for my sweetie. He used to play this interactive fiction game some years back, but never finished it. He wants to find it, but can't recall the title. Some cursory googling pulls up nothing.

Here is what he remembers:
-It was a text-only interactive fiction game
-Produced in the mid 1990s or earlier
-It took place in the future, a few hundred years hence or more
-It took place in our solar system
-As the main character, you could transport from planet to planet in pursuit of your goal. They all had some sort of infrastructure on them, from cities to just a few industrial installations, as was the case with Pluto
-It had a hard SF flavor. It incorporated realistic details about the planets, their atmospheres, and their gravity
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What platform?
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PC or Mac, he can't remember which. It wasn't Unix or anything like that.
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Were there no graphics at all? It couldn't have been Gateway?
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Oh, hello, html failure, nice to see you. Let's try Gateway.
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Try BAf's Guide. There's an entire category of Space Exploration text games listed there, maybe seeing the name will trigger his memory.
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It is not Starcross or Gateway. It was text only, and it took place in this solar system.
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Was it one of the Silicon Dreams trilogy? The games were called Snowball, Return to Eden and The Worm in Paradise.
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Was it something he would have bought (or pirated), or downloaded? There was a kind of Cambrian Explosion of interactive fiction in the mid-1990s, as the release of Inform gave TADS some competition. If it was an amateur game, it might be more difficult to track down, just from the volume.

It would also help to know where your sweetie played it, if it was a commercial game. There weren't that many companies making text-only games for sale, and their markets didn't overlap all that much.

(Also, was it really interactive _fiction_, with a narrative and everything? Or was it a text-based resource-management/space-war type game?)
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Also try the Interactive Fiction Database
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