Wanted: pierogies on the Green(point)
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Where is your favorite place for pierogies in Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

Recommend me your best pierogi places! I really like Odessa Cafe in the East Village but want to branch out since I live in Brooklyn now, and am in fact going to be in the Greenpoint area tomorrow evening. I know I could just pick a place myself by spinning around in a circle on Manhattan Ave. but wanted to narrow it down a bit. (Somehow I can't bear to comb Yelp for reviews yet feel all right asking here.)
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I love Christina's. I was introduced to the place by a true Polish girl.
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Seconding Christina's. Best Polish restaurant in the city, if you ask me, and not just the pierogi.

Go to Kiszka Meat Market up the street afterwards to take home some of the best kielbasa in the city.
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Teresa's on Montague is decent, but my DNA-certified Polish tastebuds agree with Jagz: Christina's is hard to beat. It's on Manhattan Ave right across from a Polish Dollar Store.

(Note: they don't take Polish dollars. Don't even ask.)
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There are so many tiny hole in the wall places for excellent pierogies! I like Cafe Relax
(68 Newel St., near Nassau Ave.)- not fancy but a great little place where the whole neighborhood gets fresh, cheap, huge plates of food. Down the street is Old Poland Bakery 190 Nassau Ave. (at Humboldt St.)
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I love the atmosphere at Lomzynianka but their pierogies are a little heavy to my taste. My favorite for a while was Pyza, on Norman, but then they got a C from the health department and I've been a little leery. Haven't tried Christina's yet.
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Karzma on Greenpoint Ave.
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Also....tomorrow is Smorgasburg near the East River Park on Kent Ave. Pretty sure there will be some pierogi action there. You should check that out.
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Thanks all. Unfortunately my plans changed Friday because of the rain so I haven't had a chance to try any of the recommendations yet. I will come back and update when I do, though it may take a while to get to all of them! (I aim to try.) Smorgasburg is great but not quite what I am looking for this time around. I am still dreaming of the sweet tea with bitters from the biscuit people there, though...
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It took me a while to actually make it to Greenpoint, but tonight my boyfriend and I went to Christina's. We got the boiled potato and cheese pierogies and the fried mushroom and cabbage ones. Both delicious! I plan to check out the rest at some point as well.
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