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What would you recommend this month in Kennebunkport, Maine, for three adults with pretty similar tastes in entertainment, plus one small dog?

My parents and I will be spending a few days in Kennebunkport next week. We like good food and drink, reading, shopping for rare books and oddities, and the ocean. The dog's interests include napping, being adored by strangers, getting her nose where it should not be, and befriending small dogs (but not big ones). She can stay in the hotel room for a while if need be, but we would enjoy taking her places.
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Hm...I'd kinda recommend you go to York or Portland! But that's uncharitable. White Barn Inn for really fine food and drink, walks on the beach for the dog. Kennebunkport is not a particularly happening town - more like where you go to slow down.
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You can bring dogs onto Gooch Beach after 5 pm- lots of friendly dogs and their people (and if you and your parents subtly bring some wine, no one will tell. Pick up a bottle at HB Provisions).
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PS- there'll be a mixture of big and small dogs at the beach, maybe 50/50. They've all been exceptionally well-behaved every time I've been (with a small dog in tow).
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For books, go to Douglas Harding Books in Wells.

There's the Seashore Trolly Museum.

You can get on the water in the Schooner Eleanor.

You can go to the Bridle Path off of Sea Road in Kennebunk.

Food and Drink
What's your budget? What's your tolerance for waiting for a table?
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REALLY depends what you like to do.

As a hiker, I'd recommend going at least two more hours North. Stay in the Belfast area, and you can hit Augusta, Camden, Rockland, MDI, Lamoigne, Schoodic, and Bangor all within about an hour (not to mention countless inland spots, but the bugs tend to make those rather less fun at this time of year). Add in Portland and Boothbay (Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens really kicks serious butt if you like that sort of thing), within 2 hours.

If you just like beaches, Kennebunkport will put you pretty much in the heart of Wells, Saco, Ogunquit, Old Orchard Beach, and not far from all the shopping you can stand in Freeport and Portland.
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Try Bandaloop for food. there's a cute shop in town called Daytrip Society that is worth a look. You (and your dog) can walk around the Franciscan Monastery Estate. Federal Jack's is a good brew pub but it gets crowded early. Alison's has a good lobster roll if you are looking to do that and The Landing restaurant is a bit fancier but still seafood-focused. Just over the bridge in Kennebunk is Grissini which is quite good Italian food. On the Marsh is also good and naturally has nice views. Feel free to contact me if you have any more specific questions!
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Forgot, you can also drive down 9 and take your dog for a walk at the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge. It is a short and easy loop with lots of birds.

And, you can't take your dog there this time of year but if you turn off 9 onto Parson's Beach Road there is a great little beach with lots of tidepooling if you time it right. Parking is very limited though so this is best as an early morning stop. You can rent a bike in Kennebunk and it is a short ride if bike riding is the sort of thing you like to do.

Oh, and if you just want cheap but great sandwiches to go for a lunch picnic one day, Bennett's at the corner of 9 and Sea Rd is an institution.
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