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I want to get a grip on Missouri through history and literature!

As some of you might have noticed by now, I like to get a handle on the places I'm going by reading interesting history books and literature about them.

Well, I'm going to Falcon, MO in July, to volunteer for a month on an organic farm at the edges of Mark Twain National Forest. I'd like to have a handle on the land I'm seeing and the history of the place and the spirit of Missouri before I go, so lay it on me! Books about the Ozarks, the Mississippi, Mark Twain National Forest, St. Louis, Lewis and Clark and all other peripherally-related matters are welcome. Readability a must!

Thank you in advance for making this working vacation even better!
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The Ozarks: Land and Life by Milton Rafferty. Might loose points in the readability category, being a lot like a textbook. But if you want a quick education in the people, history, and geography of the Ozarks, Rafferty is the man to start with.

A couple of little favorites of mine, especially good for reading on the porch between 6:00 and 8:00, morning or evening:

Stars Upstream; Life Along an Ozark River

A Country Year: Living the Questions
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For Missouri folk history and humour I can wholeheartedly recommend Pissing in the Snow and Other Ozark Folktales by Vance Randolph, ISBN 0252013646.

It's a bit rude.
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Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War, by T. J. Stiles.
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Is Mark Twain too obvious? I recommend Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
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Ozark Meandering, by Bogan. Mostly poetry.

Anything by Mark Twain, though it will be dated.
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