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Help w/ MS Outlook 2003. How do I enable the hyperlink function on forwarded and replied emails?

I've done my google search and AskMefi search like a good little member. I know this is an easy fixed but I am stumped.
I went to tools-mail format- and changed the message format to HTML (I know that all links may be HTML). This obviously did not work.

This is a work system so I'll have limited control. I thank you for your help ahead of time!
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Best answer: Even though you changed the mail format, you may have to do as I do and change the specific reply/fwd mail message to HTML. Open an email. Click reply or forward. Up top click Format > Plain Text. Then click Format > HTML (Why can't I just change from Rich Text to HTML with one click? Who the hell knows). Then Insert > Hyperlink.

Don't know if this helps?
posted by Falwless at 1:48 PM on June 16, 2011

I have the same issue at work - Falwless' method works perfectly for me - I had never thought of changing the format to plain text first, then to HTML.

I think it is caused by people who have Word set as their e-mail editor, as it seems to be consistently a problem from those people.
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