will windows 7 run a vcn
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does windows 7 support vcn (virtual control network) ?

I need to run a windows program on my mac book pro so I downloaded parallels. That program requires me to use a vcn. Will windows 7 support that?
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Can you give any context to VCN?

Taking a stab in the dark, perhaps you mean VNC, in which case the answer is yes.
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Are you perhaps referring to a VPN, i.e. a virtual private network? It is possible to install VPN software in a copy of Windows 7 running inside of a Parallel virtual machine although configuration is often tricky. You can also sometimes succesfully run a VPN client in Mac OS X and then then share that connection to the virtual machine running Windows.
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With machine virtualization the host network adapter is often shared to the guest via NAT (network address translation). If you're talking about VPN you may want to reconfigure the network adapter in Parallels to be bridged instead. This will remove an extra route that VPN traffic would have to go through in order to reach its destination. It would also help in the case of VNC, which is for remote control...as clients would not be able to easily reach your virtual if it is behind a NAT.
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