WiFi Scanning on Win2k
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I broke my WiFi support in Win2k. Everything works except the scanning - I can connect to a network only if I know the SSID. There are various ways I can scan - netstumbler, IBM's tool for managing connections, or via Cisco's own software. They all used to work. Now they all detect nothing.

Some time ago I messed around with various scanning software packages. I can't remember exactly what, but I think I replaced/deleted a system DLL. Any idea how I work out what that DLL could be and get a replacement from somewhere?

This is Windows 2000 v5.0 SP4 on an IBM X31. The OS, firmware and wifi driver are all using the latest patches. The wifi card is a Cisco 350 series miniPCI. I'm pretty sure the problem is a missing or messed up system DLL (it could be a messed up setting, but I believe I've checked everything relevant).

This computer does not have a CD drive, although I could, if necessary, get one connected via USB, I guess. I don't want to re-install Windows (which is otherwise completely solid for me).
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Oh, and the question is: how do i get scanning to work again? Thanks.
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I don't have dumpbin available either (don't use MS dev tools).
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ah well.
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