Describe once, upload everywhere?
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Is there an app/webapp that will let me choose photos, add tags and descriptions to those photos and then (this is the tricky bit) upload them with tags and descriptions intact to Flickr, Wordpress, Facebook, etc?

I'm trying to cut down on the time spent running my business's social network, especially the repetitive parts. A big part of my time is spent uploading, tagging and adding descriptions to the same photos on the Wordpress blog, Facebook page, and Flickr account. I've been hoping to find an app that will help out, but not luck so far.

The descriptions and tagging is the key part, in general bulk uploading anonymous images isn't too much trouble. It's sharing the descriptions across sites that's killing me.

Any suggestions? (Windows, Mac, or web are fine.)
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Oh boy, there are going to be a lot of answers to this. I know of Courier for OSX for this, though nothing other than the fact that it has a really cute website.
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There are plugins for picasa that do all this.
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Agree, use Picasa. I make my descriptions in there, then the descriptions are included when uploaded to Facebook, flickr, maybe wordpress. Tagging people may not work though, not sure.
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I'm pretty sure you can get all (or almost all) this to work using if this then that. I'd run everything through flickr to start with and create tasks that repost from flickr to your blog and facebook page. You'll need to apply for an invite (I think they're turning around requests pretty quickly), or I can send you one—memail me.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the pointers in the right direction. Current progress:

Picasa can apparently potentially do this, but doesn't. Here are the specific links to save you the Googling:

1) For Facebook there's Picasa Uploader which unfortunately can't upload to business, personality or other 'pages'. It's not the plugins fault, Facebook won't let any application do this. Which is stupid.

2) For Flickr there's picassa2flickr which seems to work fine.

3) For Wordpress blogs the only one I could find is Picasa Album Uploader which didn't work for me at all, it just kept saying that no images were uploaded.

So, what I want is impossible because of Facebook crappy API limitations, but I'm still looking for an app that will work with Wordpress and Flickr.

More suggestions?
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Response by poster: Oh and I should add my experience with other suggestions:

- Courier for Mac doesn't support Wordpress, which really is the linchpin in our social media setup.

- ifft will only let me post new entries to Wordpress, it won't let me upload media to be used in posts, which is what I'm after.
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Doesn't iPhoto do this?

Adobe Lightroom may be overkill, but it has export plugins for all of those places.
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Response by poster: iPhoto doesn't do Wordpress and the plugins I found are no longer supported, and don't work in '11.

So far Lightroom seems to be the only one that does. But another $300 to Adobe when I already pay for the full Adobe product lineup seems like robbery. I'll give it some thought unless someone else has any suggestions.
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I do this on my iPhone with Pixelpipe. I believe their site has similar functionality but I've never tried it.
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