Neurological Physical Therapist Recommendation! (NYC-Area)
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Help! I am in need of a physical therapist who specializes in neurological/spinal conditions in the Brooklyn/Manhattan area.

I have an incomplete spinal cord injury and have just completed my third surgery. Now, I am ready for physical therapy! Unfortunately, my old PT is not currently practicing, and I am in need of a physical therapist who specializes in neurological conditions. (Even better if they know what cauda equina syndrome is!)

I am not looking for a sports or ortho-type therapist, though if they happen to do that AND neuro, that's fine.

Brooklyn (Park Slope area) preferred, but I will travel to Manhattan for someone who fits the bill.

I've been researching and asking for recommendations like crazy but so far I've not found anyone who can give me a personal recommendation. I find the reviews online of most PT places to be sketchy, with either high praise or terrible scorn and I'd just like to get a good referral.

Any help is appreciated!
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Best answer: 1) Go to
2) click on "Find a PT"
3) if there is someone in your area with the letters NCS after their name, you're set - that stands for Neurologic Certified Specialist, and they will be well-qualified to help you out.
4) If there isn't one of those in your area, MeMail me and I'll give you a personal recommendation - I'm a PT practicing in Brooklyn, and I probably know some good folks to send you to.

Best of luck with your therapy!
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