How to find sports tickets with clear up-front pricing?
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Is there a site, similar to StubHub, that sells sports tickets, but with transparent pricing? I.e., I want to be able to go to the site, find tickets, and know what I will pay without having to click through to the end and find out that there is a per ticket fee of $25. I don't mind paying delivery charges, even $15 per order, as long as they are consistent. StubHub et al. are too unethical for me to support, and Craigslist is a lot of work.
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Best answer: Seatgeek is good, though just an aggregator of secondary market platforms. If you look at the yankees game for today and click 'show details' on the right side for any of the offers they break it down for you.
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Response by poster: Thank you, that is what I am looking for, one up-front price. Perfect.
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