How Do I Have the Best NYC Pride Weekend Ever?
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Going to New York City for Pride Weekend for the first time, what should I know?

Taking a bus up from DC on Friday and staying with a couple of friends on the Upper West Side until Sunday evening.

I'm really excited about going to a super huge event like this, and I want to make sure that I don't miss out on anything awesome by way of being a noob from out of town. Any suggestions for the best places to watch the parade, or really fun events or parties to go to? I'll be with a mixed bunch of cute twentysomething friends of varying orientations/genders, so looking for events that are going to be inclusive and relatively cheap, dancing is a plus.

Also, are there any non-pride affiliated events going on next weekend that would be a shame to miss out on?
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It is going to be super HOT and super crowded. Wear sunscreen.

Every bar/club is going to be super hot and super crowded.

Being in the parade is much more fun than watching.

The Dyke March is Saturday the 25th, and super fun.

Much of the fun dancing happens Sunday night at the pier dance.

My favorite non-official thing to do is to hang out in front of the Stonewall Bar on Friday night, which is the anniversary of the reason we're there in the first place.
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this should be amazing (not going, but wish).
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Saturday is the
Coney Island Mermaid Parade
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This is somewhat an odd suggestion, but as someone who has worked non-corporate retail in both the East and West Village through Pride for a number of years: don't buy Pride-related stuff. We (that is, the owners) marked up a whole hell of a lot. Bring all your accountrements with you, and you won't get ripped off.
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It will take forever to get through the Village, even on foot. And on foot is about the only way one CAN get through it, at that time. If you eat, do it outside of the Village, and it'll take less time.

And yeah, a hat, sunscreen, and bring water with you.
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mermaid parade +1
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Guys, I think the Mermaid parade is THIS weekend, and Pride weekend is NEXT weekend.

But forkisbetter, if you ARE planning to be here both weekends, then yes, the Mermaid Parade is a must. There's a dance afterward, but if this is anyone's first time ever in New York, you have GOT to ride the Cyclone first.
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Oh, woops, when he said he was coming in Friday, I assumed he meant the Friday this week, not the following Friday. In which case, nevermind, you're going to miss all the mermaid stuff.

When I say Saturday is the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, I mean it's this coming Saturday, as in 3 days from now.

Sorry for the confusion.
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