Playing nice with MHRA?
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Which reference manager works best with the MHRA style?

I'm working on my MA dissertation, and my sources run the veritable gamut of both dead-tree and electronic types. Unfortunately, my department requires the MHRA citation and bibliography style, which I'm fairly sure was invented just to bedevil humanities students. So my question is: which reference manager outputs MHRA citations and requires the least amount of fiddling with templates and/or combing painstakingly through references to make sure every comma and period are where they should be?

Pertinent info: PC, Windows 7, Word 2007.
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Does your university provide a reference manager to use?

Mine provides RefWorks, and while I have never had the pleasure of needing to use the MHRA style, it does a pretty good job with the other styles I have used. I edit scholarly articles for jornal submission, and every journal has their own set of idiosyncracies. There are hundreds of output styles to choose from.
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I hate to say it, but unless you are good with laTex and bibTex, Endnote is still the undisputed leader in properly managing citations, especially when you are dealing with lots of different kinds of sources. It is available in my university bookstore for about 70 bucks. Endnote can handle thousands of different output styles, and generally does it right. They have also worked closely with Microsoft to tightly integrate their products.

That said, MHRA is a supported style for both Zotero and Mendeley. I have found that Zotero, with its browser integration, is far easier to work with than Mendeley with lots of web resources. This is especially true as you are not in the hard sciences, which is Mendeley's target audience.
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