If we do it right, the guests will not also be on fire
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What would you serve at a dinner party featuring food that is on fire?

A friend of mine wants to host a dinner party featuring all foods that are on fire. NOT foods that have had flames applied to them (like creme brulee) but rather ones that are served on fire (like bananas foster).

We've had more luck thinking of drinks and desserts than the savory parts of the meal like main courses and side dishes, but all ideas are welcome here.
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Steak Diane?
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Would fondue count? it does involve flames after all and I've know of some exciting fires resulting from its drunken serving. Of course, that might involve guests being on fire too, so perhaps not.
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In a recipe found in the "Alaska Sourdough Cookbook," The author give instructions for serving a baked Alaska with eggshells filled with flaming alcohol embedded on the top. I thought the idea was pretty cool. I think the name of the recipe was a take on the northern lights.
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OH MAN! Many moons ago, I had this fantastic idea for a restaurant called "En Fuego", where everything on the menu would be served on fire!!! (insert heavy metal guitar lick here)

Some ideas from that time:

Queso Flameado
Tequila-doused fajitas, served in a flaming skillet.
Cherries Jubilee
Blazing Texas Chili

A tabletop hibachi grill would also be nice.

Most of these, predictably, center around adding a shot of whatever liquor for flavoring, and burning it off tableside.
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prawns flambe
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If you have access to a big Asian market or grocery store, you might be able to find a hot pot for really any soup, but tom kha or tom yum would be nice.
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Flaming baked alaska!!!!!!
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An easy way to do flaming drinks is to just use overproof rum in place normal rum for classic cocktails. As long as it's at a high enough concentration it will light up easily.
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Jahn's ice cream parlour served a sundae called the Flaming Desire, which when I saw it featured a half peach on top, filled with apriocot brandy and lit on fire.
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You're making Blue Blazers, right?
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You could make Combustible Edisons while listening to Combustible Edison.
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Bananas flambed in Benedictine (and butter) - an entirely 100% cholesterol-free healthy treat.
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Flaming shish kababs, preferably with a drum roll and trumpets.
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something with a candle stuck in it
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For a drink, pop a coffee bean or two into a glass of sambucca & set it alight.
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Crepes Suzette.

The keyword you want to search for is "flambé".
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Aerosol whipped cream, but with the cannister re-labelled as if it is a foam-spraying fire extinguisher.
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Heston Blumenthal's Baked Alaska
If you've ever watched Heston Blumenthal's TV series "In Search of Perfection" you'll know that some of the recipes featured aren't really doable in a normal kitchen. However, Heston has got together with Häägen Dazs to create a step-by-step guide to making the perfect Baked Alaska complete with audio instructions and pictures.
Note this recipe doesn't actually set it on fire but I don't see why you couldn't.
Bonus - Have a go at the real thing.
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Flaming Chorizo
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I had a cocktail one time and I'm trying to find evidence of it on the Internet, and there is none. But it would be amazing for your party. I forget what the base was, but there was a float of (I think) Galliano on top, and the liqueur was ignited and made blue flames; and then we quickly sprinkled nutmeg over the flames, and the nutmeg made festive golden sparks! And then we doused it with the other part of the drink (could it have been orange juice?) and then drank. The taste was only ok. But the sparking nutmeg was AWESOME.

The host who made the cocktails said they were called "Fourth of July". Maybe he made it up.
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I did this once for a dinner party. I flambeed cherry tomatoes with brandy for the salad, and did bananas foster for dessert. I'm not entirely sure, but I think I did chicken Marsala as the main. It was a lot of fun.
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If you're serving beer, The Thirst Extinguisher would be perfect.
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Thanks, everyone! These are great.
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