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Favorite moves?

For various reasons, my BF and I are holding off on PIV sex. That doesn't mean we don't like to have a good romp in the bedroom, though.

He is my first sexual partner, so while I'm all for it and he has told me that I've been the most passionate out of all his partners I feel a little limited in my creativity. So....what are some of your favorite non-intercourse moves/''tricks'' in bed? I'm asking with the understanding that individuals differ and these are what work for YOU and your partner, but they might widen my scope a little.

I do make sure to ask him what he likes, but sometimes it's nice to pleasantly surprise him, you know (or not, but hey! trial and error)?

I'm a woman, 20's and healthy, straight. Not into BDSM/kink.
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Do something different to shake things up. If you normally wear your hair up, let it down. If you're usually naked when you do stuff, try some lingerie. If you're usually passive, be more assertive. I can't know your partner's tastes, but almost everyone likes novelty.
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Not the best technique for getting a guy revved up from zero, but once he's good and aroused a super-slow hand job can be pretty hot. Use plenty of lube and a firm grip.
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Are implements allowed?
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If you're stacked . . . lube up and tittyfuck. (despite the man-on-top Wikipedia illustration, this can be done in woman-on-top positions.)
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Massages with scented oils are awesome, practice your oral (the trick is in the suction, although HMMV) , and dry humping can also be very, very hot!

hand jobs don't do much for us, but they are an option, too. You can also watch each other masturbate, or watch porn together if you like it.
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oh yeah, and lube will be your best friend!
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For the most intense orgasm ever! No lube required.
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Nightmare Brunette: "If you're ever at a loss for what to do next, just put your mouth on his balls. That is my advice as a professional."
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To cut to the chase, mutual masturbation is a time honored standby...
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have him slowly (and i do mean slowly) finger you while you rub your clit. it's my favorite way to massage my g-spot to a mind shattering orgasm.
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Counterclockwise swirl.
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if you're both comfortable with it, share fantasies or talk explicitly while touching each other. write x-rated letters or texts or whatever, build up anticipation. neck for a long time in a car/semi-public spot. make out in different rooms of the house (kitchen or hallway floor, say). wrestle. 69 if you don't.
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Proceed with caution! At least 3 of the suggestions above would ruin the moment completely for me. This is why Cosmo's "6 Tips to Make Your Man Crazy in Bed!!" are a load of horse shit.

That said: Give each other massages until you're both nice and slippery and see what develops.
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Finger-banging makes the world go 'round.
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