Where to buy rugs online?
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Where can I buy cool and inexpensive floor rugs/runners online? Please no IKEA or anything trying to look like IKEA-- their textiles mostly look tired to me.
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Best answer: Etsy has a rug section
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Home Depot, Lowe's Fred Meyers all have rug sections. Limited selection but reasonable prices. I also found a nice area rug at Costco.
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Best answer: Overstock.com has a ton of different rugs in all different styles. $2.95 shipping, too.
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Best answer: 2nding Overstock.com. we got an awesome and high quality baby room rug very inexpensively!
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Best answer: Yep, Overstock. If you see something you want buy it, because their (over)stock changes a lot, and read the reviews if you can because the quality can vary (although I think they make returns pretty easy). I've bought a couple of big rugs from them and been very happy.
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I got a great rug off of ebay but it took some hunting. I love it.
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Another happy Overstock customer. There is a lot of odd/ugly stuff, but some truly amazing stuff too. One other suggestion- CSN Rugs. I've had good experiences with them, too.
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Flor tiles can be ordered online, will send you samples for cheap so you can see color & texture and are much appreciated in home decor land.
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Best answer: We've ordered some rugs from this place and have been very happy with them. They carry thousands of rugs, but their search engine is really good at narrowing the field. It looks like runners there start at under $10 (and shipping is free). Inexpensive enough for you?
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Nthing Homedecorators.com but wanted to add - Homedecoratorsoutlet.com has a lot of clearance rugs that are pretty nice.
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