Please recommend a book that covers the wars between Sweden and Denmark.
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I'd like to learn more about the conflicts/wars between Denmark and Sweden in the 16th/17th centuries. Any book recommendations?
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Michael Roberts's The Swedish Imperial Experience 1560-1718 is the standard history, illustrating Roberts's famous theory of the early modern military revolution. Robert Frost's The Northern Wars 1558-1721 is more up-to-date, but I haven't read it so can't recommend it personally. See here for a favourable though slightly nit-picking review by a Danish historian. ('It is possible to find errors. Sweden was not exempted from the Sound Dues in 1645 .. and Landskrone may be spelled Landskrona, but never with an Umlaut.')
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David Kirby, The Baltic World: Europe's Northern Periphery in an Age of Change, 1492-1772
Paul Lockhart, Denmark and the Thirty Years War, 1618 - 1648
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