Doctor recommendation - Huntsville, AL?
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Doctor recommendation in Huntsville, AL area.

I just moved to Huntsville, AL not long ago and am finding it almost impossible to find a family doctor/internist that is has hours outside of regular business hours. Furthermore, in the past I have always been recommended to doctors by friends. I did take a chance on one (that still had horrible hours) but was close. She was not a good choice. I was actually informed at the end of my first appointment (that I took the day off for) that I wasn't examined because that would require an examination appointment and this was a new patient appointment? WHAT? Anyway, does anyone have a recommendation. I'd even take bad hours for a good doctor!
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The AMAs Doctor Finder
website is a good place to start. Here's what you do:

1. (Fill in the captcha after clicking on the link.)

2. Click "Patients and Consumers: search for a physician"

3. Scroll down to "Search by physician specialty"

4. Select "Family medicine" and select "Alabama" and type "Huntsville"

All done! You can click on the doctors name to learn more about them, and see a picture.
It also list office hours.

There are other, similar web-based directories. The American Dental Association has a website with search by zipcode and dental specialty:

You might also want to search which has lots of additional resources, or this site which lets you compare doctors.
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