Kennel our dog?
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I'm looking for a dog kennel recommendation in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area! There's probably more inside than you want to read.

So, we're (quite unexpectedly) going on a trip to Germany from June 22 - 29. We have two dogs - one is a Chihuahua - a two year old girl - who is quite well behaved. She's all of 6 pounds - a little waif of a thing - and she seems to love everybody.

Our other dog is the issue. He is a puppy - a one year old terrier named Magnus. He's about 20 pounds. He loves us and we love him. However, one thing he is not super big on is strangers. In fact, he likes to growl and try to bite them. We've worked with a couple different trainers and have brought people into our home for certain "dog introduction" activities - and these seem to go well (he will obey commands and accept treats and so on) - but it's very, very difficult to get him to the point where he will accept being touched.

So, crap. In a week and a half, we've got to do something with him. My sister is coming over to house sit and she'll watch our little Chihuahua and out cat, but we're not in a position where she can watch Magnus. We're just not comfortable putting her in that position.

So we need to kennel Magnus somewhere, we think - somewhere in the area that can help deal with the fact that he is cranky with strangers. We believe his crankitude will be lessened by the fact he's not "in his house" - but instead on a neutral playing field.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good kennels in the area? We live in Livonia.

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Pet Suite Retreat is clean and well run. Caveat: it's been a couple of years since I've been there. They even run shuttles to the airport.
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Our friends who lived in Ann Arbor swore by Arbor Dog for their 'daycare' needs. They had more than one 'bully breed' dog that the staff did excellent with - their poorly socialized boxer/lab mix had a lot of issues, but he'd race out of the car to get inside to see the people there. I can't speak of their boarding, but I was impressed with their daily care from what I witnessed.
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Oh, I know someone! One of the techs I used to work with takes 'problem child' pups in to sleep on her sofa. She is fantastic, I recommend her to clients all the time, and never hear anything but rave reviews. I'll memail you her contact information.
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