Twin Towers photo, real or fake?
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In the film Final Destination 3, a photo of the Twin Towers is shown with what looks like an airplane silhouette on it. Is this a real photo and, if so, what is the "conspiracy theory" behind it?

In the same scene they show a picture of Abraham Lincoln taken with a cracked plate that puts a line in Lincoln's head near where he was shot. I have researched and found that Lincoln photo to be real (though the movie misrepresents the photo as the last taken of Lincoln; it wasn't). But they also show this photo of the Twin Towers and I can't find anything about it with Google. Anyone know?
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I live very near there, and there is a ton of air traffic around here. The light in my front room often dims briefly, and I know why: it's an airplane shadow. The flight paths are consistent, and at some times quite regular, with 60 seconds between each. So if you saw one airplane shadow on the WTC, there would likely be another and another, with plenty of time to set up the camera.
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Response by poster: No it's not that photo, AL. I tried to find an image online, it shows the towers standing, and has an airplane on it, it wasn't an ad and looked like a newer photo. In googles, it seems to state that the picture was taken on 9-10, the day before the crash. Some speculate you're supposed to see devil horns in the silhouette, others say it's just foreshadowing the crash, but I can't figure it out at all, and they're all discussing in relation to the film, and I'm more curious if the film was making up a 9-11 photo or if this photo, and theory of foretelling the crash, is out in the interwebs somewhere.
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Films and television shows create all sorts of images via photoshop to serve their storylines.

I cannot tell you how many photos I've printed out of roadkill or raw meat that were meant to be graphic crime scene or autopsy shots, or photoshopped an actor in a turban carrying an AK47 into a photo of some sterotypically "terrorist-esque" location.
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