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I am an American moving to Argentina. What documents do I need?

I will be arriving in Buenos Aires in just over three weeks. I will be looking for work teaching ESL, I will be taking classes in SSL at UBA, and I will be getting an apartment (probably in San Telmo). I will be staying for at least a year - I'd like to stay longer if possible, and I'll make that decision when the time comes.

Until then... what documents should I bring with me? I have no criminal record. Should I bring a document stating I have no criminal record? How do I get that? What about a birth certificate? Certificates of immunization?

My understanding (based on emails with UBA) is that I can't get a student visa ahead of time - I have to arrive, enroll, and then apply for a visa. Is this true?

Hope me Metafilter. My google-fu is failing me.
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Call the Argentine embassy.
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My experience is not with Argentina, but starting a job in The Netherlands. I needed
-a statement from my state Department of Justice, stating I had no criminal record. I did this in New York by filling out a form online, getting fingerprints and photograph done at an approved location, and waiting for a piece of paper to come in the mail saying "all clear".

-a copy of my birth certificate, with an apostille from my birth state's Department of Health
-copies of university diplomas

A friend who moved to Spain also took a copy of her federal criminal background check. Some jurisdictions require you to have a statement from a relevant authority stating that you are not married.

You may also wish to take with you some extra passport-sized photos (which may or may not fit local requirements).

FWIW, I'm finding a bunch of potential resources by googling for expat Argentina, including forums where people would probably have a lot of experience and tips. A couple of blogs are done by individuals and have posts like this about the tourist visa.
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Back in 2008, I traveled into Argentina by bus and only had a passport. I don't recall a very rigorous documentation inspection. I stayed a few months longer than the 90 day period. When I was leaving I had to pay a fine of about 17 bucks and then I was free to continue on to Bolivia.

Maybe things have changed.
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Spend some time on the Buenos Aires Expatriates Group website, especially the forums. They're very helpful and should help you sort out most of the small stuff.
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