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I have never been the best in fashion, but I would like to be able to start to dress better. Is there a website out there that makes understanding men's fashion a bit easier? What goes with what, fashion from certain time periods, how to thrift shop and make it work for you...

I just want to be able to be creative, but I just need some help getting started...any sites that are heavy on men's fashion tips for matching clothing and accessories would be great...
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Ask Metafilter was a great help when I asked a similar question.
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Chic Simple is/was a valuable online resource. Their site is down, as their domain name is pending renewal.

I recommend their book: Men's Wardrobe (Chic Simple). A good primer.

Also - check out About: Men's Fashion.
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Please avoid all chain stores (Banana Republic, Express, Armani|Exchange). I've had nothing but terrible quality clothes and bad fits with these stores. Go upscale and spend more on altered fits (don't know how to stress this enough). The fabric will definitely be higher quality and the subtle differences in design actually make you look trendier and better overall. I like to shop just twice a year and this is how I do it, quality over quantity. Keep in mind you can reuse pants more than you can reuse shirts. I would put it at a 1-3 ratio. Try to stick to somewhat more conservative designers your first time out (Paul Smith, Prada, Armani) which will generally deliver more timeless classics than Cavalli or Etro. You should definitely get several years wear or more out of these clothes. It's like buying leather over cloth. More upfront but better in the longrun.
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The Morning News's guide to men's fashion is interesting, if occasionally open to discussion.
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Really, everything you need to know is in the old AskMe thread.
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One note: If you want a classy shirt that goes well with any slacks, in a style often overlooked, and don't care about the need for a jacket/tie, I highly suggest the Banded Collar (often called Mandarin Collar) shirts. Dillard's has some great ones from Murano in both Silk and Linen, but they're going to cost you slightly ($35-50 ea.).
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G. Bruce Boyer's books and magazine stories are a very good resource
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If you want something really simple, I learned all I know about fashion from Men's Health. Esquire, GQ, and other men's magazines (something aimed at college grads) would probably have similar monthly columns.

I don't avoid the chain stores, but I refuse to purchase anything that isn't on the sale rack. I haven't had problems with fit, but the quality is not worth full price. I go straight to the sale rack, and if there isn't anything there (usually my limit is $20), I don't buy. Also, check out Marshall's, Nordstrom Rack, or outlet stores for good prices. I got a spring jacket at Gap Outlet for $20 that was also selling for $45 at regular Gap stores at the exact same time.
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You can wear anything you damn well please if you:

1) stand/sit with good posture and project a little confidence.
2) make sure your stuff's not wrinkly.
3) wear things of the proper fit.
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The Bible.
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